Trump: The Country is a Mess

President Obama may be criticizing Donald Trump’s campaign, but Mr. Trump has some thoughts on how he has handled the economy.

“The world has blown up around us. We’ve created havoc all over the Middle East and elsewhere. We are doing very poorly in our country. The economy is terrible. Jobs have been taken away -- the real jobs, not the crummy jobs that they report all the time… The country is just not the same… Frankly, the country is a mess and we are going to straighten it out and make America great again,” he said during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

He also discussed China and why he opposed a 45% tariff on imports.

“We have to take a tough stance on China… Right now we are losing $500 billion with China on a yearly basis. We are losing so much money -- they are taking so many jobs… We need China’s help with North Korea, but China’s not doing anything about North Korea. We need fairness in trade and China’s not treating us fairly, they devalue their currency all the time… and unless we get smart, unless we get strong… we won’t have a country left -- they are taking so much -- and it’s not only China, it’s other countries also,”  he said.

When asked about reclaiming the lead in key states New Hampshire and Iowa he said: “I think we have a good chance to win Iowa.”