Travelive to Greece, Italy, Egypt and Turkey

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Small Business Spotlight: Travelive

Who: Mina Agnos, @mina_travelive

What: Luxury travel

When: 2001

Where: Bloomfield, N.J.

How: Mina Agnos got started with booking vacations for her friends before launching Travelive, which began as a home-based business before growing into a company with offices in New Jersey and Athens, Greece.

Travelive offers travel packages to Greece, Italy, Egypt and Turkey, specializing in luxury services like private tours, yacht charters and villa rentals.

“When it comes to travel, specialization brings you more credibility,” Agnos said. “Most travel agencies focus on packages on a mass scale. When I went to hotels and told them that I was offering trips catered for the individual, there was not a lot of excitement. They didn’t expect us to do well.”

Quote from the owner: “The idea of the lifestyle is really popular now, so people are looking for things like yacht charters. We try to bring those things in reach for people who normally wouldn’t be able to afford them.”