Top Web Searches in Wisconsin Ahead of the GOP Primary


Top Google searches in Wisconsin

LaToya Drake of Google Trends on the top trending Google searches in Wisconsin.

As the Republican primary in Wisconsin nears, interest in certain issues has led intrigued residents of the state to their computers and the search engine Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL).

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LaToya Drake of Google Trends joined Deirdre Bolton and Risk & Reward to break down the company’s recent findings.

Drake said people are looking for information about when the Wisconsin primary is, how they register to vote in Wisconsin—keeping in mind that people can register to vote the day of the primary. And also, how many delegates are at stake.

"People are still doing the math and wondering just how many votes people can collect and how many delegates that some of the candidates can collect," she said.

Google Trends has also found what the top issues are in the Badger State.

Drake said over the last 24 hours data showed change in the top issues in Wisconsin.

“Gun control has continued to be number one. Number two: abortion—this is probably based on some comments Donald Trump has made over the past day. Also taxes, ISIS, same-sex marriage have also popped up and these are issues that we’ve seen throughout the campaign cycle," she said.

Many questions concerning Trump were focused on his location, according to Google Trends.

“The top questions are really where is he? Where is he in Wisconsin? Is he going to be in Green Bay—things of that nature, so people are mainly tracking his moves to perhaps see what’s next,” Drake said.

She also explained what types of searches were being conducted about the two other GOP presidential contestants, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

“For Ted Cruz, it appears that some of the remarks that Donald Trump has made have influenced the top searches about Cruz,” she said. “The top question that people are asking is ‘what is his name?’ Just a couple days ago we saw Trump say ‘is his name Rafael?’ so that has been the number one question that people have been asking.”

Drake said people in Wisconsin were searching more for biological information about Kasich.

“They wanted to know what his religion is, how old he is, and Googling how to pronounce his name.”

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