These cities have the most millionaires looking for love, dating app reveals

If you’re a millionaire looking for love, New York City might be the place to go.

According to data released by dating app MillionaireMatch on Friday, the Big Apple is the city with the most millionaires in 2019 who are looking for a serious relationship.

Though most of the other top cities on that list are in the U.S., London and Saint Petersburg, Russia, also made it into the top 10 cities, according to a press release.

MillionaireMatch also released lists showing which cities have the most male millionaires and the most female millionaires as well as the cities with the most “certified” millionaires on the app, which are given a badge on their profile after having their income and assets vetted.

In order to use MillionaireMatch, users must have a minimum annual income of $200,000 USD.

Here are the top 10 cities with the most millionaires seeking serious relationships on MillionaireMatch this year:

1. New York

2. Los Angeles

3. Houston

4. London

5. Miami

6. Atlanta

7. Dallas

8. Saint Petersburg

9. Austin

10. Chicago

The cities with the most male millionaires, according to the app are New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, London, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Ill.; Austin, Texas and Las Vegas.


Similarly, the cities with the most female millionaires are New York, Los Angeles, London, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, and Phoenix.

Among the cities with the most “Certified Millionaires” on the app, Texas cities are top of the list. The list includes Dallas, Austin, Houston, New York City, London, Orlando, Los Angeles, San Jose, Chicago, and Las Vegas.