Tom Brady to release book on training, nutrition methods

Brady Japan

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is getting into the book publishing game. The five-time Super Bowl champion will release his first book, an “athlete’s bible” of training and nutrition tips, this fall through Simon & Schuster.

Entitled “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance,” the book “reveals Brady’s methods and approaches to sustained peak performance for people of all ages,” according to a press release. The manual will feature illustrations and step-by-step instructions based on Brady’s regimen, including tips on strength training, nutrition and “cognitive fitness.”

“If you want a great case study about how the TB12 Method can transform an athlete—or anybody for that matter—it’s standing right in front of you,” Brady said in a statement.

Brady’s book is slated to be published in September 2017. It will be available in hardcover, digital and audio versions.

“We expect this book to become an essential source for the way athletes of all ages live and train, whether they are in high school or in retirement,” said Jonathan Karp, president and publisher of Simon & Schuster. “The fact that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time gives him the authority to write this book—but the fact that the principles that he’s espousing go well beyond sports is one of the reasons readers are going to pay close attention to his message.”

Brady’s foray into publishing is the latest in a series of off-field business ventures. The 39-year-old quarterback partnered with Purple Carrot on a line of plant-based meal kits last March, and toured Asia last month on behalf of sports apparel brand Under Armour, one of his key sponsors.