‘Tis the Season for…Congressional Spending

As the 111th Congress begins to wrap up for good sometime in the next three weeks or so,  we thought it fitting to let you know just what they've given us--or more accurately--taken from us over the last two years.

In each of the last two years, spending has totaled more than $3.5 trillion! But back in 2008, under the 110th Congress spending was under $3 trillion-so where did that money go?

Non-defense discretionary spending saw around $537 billion this year alone, up 24% from 2008. And when you add in parts of the stimulus bill that's been enacted, funding for the year nears $800 billion  up 84% from two years ago.

So if these numbers don't turn your stomach enough, Democrats this week went ahead and unveiled a new spending bill: the price tag for this so-called omnibus bill, $1.2 trillion!


Why after a clear message was sent to Washington last month, that Americans want the out-of-control spending to stop, would they introduce this now? Simple... they have no other choice.

Democrats know that when more Republicans start flooding into the Capitol they're hopes and dreams will be dashed.

The Wall Street Journal points out some examples in the massive bill:

- $36 million for public broadcasting

-$1.5 billion for high-speed rail projects

-and $3 billion for green energy.

But the paper points out at least six Republican senators may actually vote for this bill!

Now Congressional leaders say this bill actually freezes future spending and Republicans promise to take things back to 2008 levels.

That's a good start, and it's certainly better than what we have, better I think we should aim higher and stop the wasteful spending all together.

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