Time Streamlines the Accounting Process for Business Owners

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Small Business of the Day: MBA Business Software

Who: Principal Phil Martin, 67, @mbabsi

What: Small business accounting software

When: 1981

How: Martin worked for nearly 15 years as a systems analyst and programmer on accounting software when it was referred to as "data processing," before personal computers were invented.

"Back then if you were a small business, accounting was done by a service bureau," he said. "The turnaround time was a day or two later and it was very expensive. Computers cost millions of dollars."

As mini computers and desktops came out, Martin applied his knowledge of accounting systems into smaller computers and started up his own company. The model has only grown with computer affordability being so widespread among business owners, he said. Today, Martin's son Todd also works for the company, specializing in hardware and networks.

"We went from main frames to having the power in your pocket, on your phone," he said.

Where: Atlanta. Ga.

Biggest lesson learned from a customer: "Customers have to trust us to be good stewards of their money and give good recommendations of what they need," he said. "We think of what we would do and want if we were on their staff."

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