Tiger Woods' girlfriend dropped from lawsuit of drunk driver's family

A lawsuit from the family of a drunk driver who died after drinking at a bar owned by Tiger Woods dropped charges on Friday against Erica Herman, the girlfriend of the golf superstar.

Nicholas Immesberger died last December, the bartender having spent several hours drinking heavily at a bar owned by Woods in Jupiter, Florida. Police reported that Immesberger, who was employed at The Woods Jupiter, had a blood alcohol content of .256, triple the state’s legal limit.

Woods and Herman were both named in the lawsuit that was filed by Immesberger’s family. In June, Woods was dropped from the suit. On Friday, representation for Immesberger’s family also dropped Herman from the civil suit.

The lawsuit sought a variety of fees, including for medical and funeral expenses. Herman served as general manager at The Woods Jupiter but left the restaurant in February, three months after Immesberger died.

Barry Postman, attorney for Woods and Herman, said the lawsuit against the golfer’s girlfriend was “voluntarily” dropped.

“It has been clear from the beginning that neither should have been included in the suit despite the claims that they somehow contributed to the accident,” Postman said in a statement obtained by FOX Business. "While the untimely passing of a young man is tragic, the decision to over consume alcohol, take a significant amount of illegal drugs and then get behind the wheel of a car and drive at an excess high speed rests with Mr. Immesberger alone.”

It was always going to be an uphill battle for Immesberger's family to prove that Woods, Herman and the restaurant were responsible in the death of their son. In Florida's "Drug and Alcohol Defense" law, a plaintiff can't collect if they are over the legal limit and 50 percent at fault.