Thieves rob family-run Christmas tree farm in California

Police are currently searching for the thieves that robbed a family-run Christmas tree farm in El Dorado, Calif.

Cedar Ravine Tree Farm Co-Owner Erik Schoennauer discussed Monday what the robbers stole from the farm and why he is hopeful that the crooks could be caught.

Schoennauer’s father and grandmother discovered that the farm was ransacked and robbed while taking a trip to the property to celebrate the grandmother’s birthday.

“They pulled up to the house and the truck was missing, all the doors to the house were open and they went inside and the entire place had been completely ransacked. They went through everything and stole all the valuables out of the house and the barn,” he told FOX Business’ Shane McConnell on “Risk & Reward.”

If the red barn truck is found, Schoennauer believes that the robbers could be caught as well.

“It’s an ‘85 red Chevy S-10 pickup, so there aren’t that many of those on the road anymore. We’re confident that if we can find the red truck, we will find the bad guys,” he said.

The thieves took enough items to close down the Christmas tree shop, which put an end to the 40-year tradition.

“They stole a lot of other key valuables for the farm. The pot that we make the cider for the customers, the hatchet that we split the wood for the bonfire for customers and chainsaws that we used to clear the mountains so it’s safe for people to walk on and cut their tree,” he said.