These are the best cities for recent college grads to work and live, study says

Graduates of the class of 2019 can look forward to a hot job market with the country's unemployment rate at 3.6 percent -- the lowest since 1969. These cities are said to be the best places to live in terms of job offers, rent prices and nightlife, according to one analysis.

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College graduates who choose Pittsburgh, Pa., to be their next destination can enjoy affordability and a bustling nightlife. Data showed that more than 24 percent of the city’s residents are in their 20s, according to SmartAsset. The unemployment rate for those with a bachelor’s degree is 2.2 percent. The median monthly rent in the city is around $800. SmartAsset noted 10 percent of the establishments in the city are food- and entertainment-related.

Graduates who choose Cincinnati, Ohio, can look forward to affordability – including monthly rent around $585 a month, SmartAsset reported. About 20 percent of the city’s population is in their 20s.

For those looking for tech jobs, Salt Lake City, Utah, could be an option. The city is home to companies such as, Symantec and Adobe Systems. The Wall Street Journal noted a quarter of city’s population is made up of adults under the age of 35. The average median rent is $1,166 a month, according to Rent Café. The city is also close to a number of ski resorts and has a flourishing microbrew scene.


Graduates who choose St. Louis, Missouri, can look forward to low rent and a bustling restaurant scene. More than 17 percent of the city’s residents are in their 20s and the median rent is around $618 a month, according to SmartAsset. The city is also home to Anheuser-Busch and the St. Louis Cardinals.

According to Wallet Hub, the cities with the least affordable housing include New York City, San Francisco and Miami. The cities with the least number of entry-level jobs include New York City and Santa Clarita, Calif.