The Wearable Device Pro Athletes Use

In the growing sector of wearable technology, Whoop CEO Will Ahmed weighs in on what makes the company’s wristband stand out from the crowd for elite athletes.

“This device is continuously measuring heart rate, heart rate variability, skin connectivity, ambient temperature, accelerometry,” Ahmed continued, “ it provides the most granular understanding of your body.”

The company is currently focusing on elite athletes and their coaches looking for high-end data to boost training.

“Today we work with professional athletes, collegiate athletes, Olympians and the military,” Ahmed told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

But one of the challenges for the company is professional leagues banning the wearing of jewelry during games, preventing athletes from benefiting from in-game monitoring from the device.  The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Matthew Dellavedova wore the device during games for about a month before the NBA

“There is a lot of legacy rules historically around jewelry and other things of that nature during games.  I think the leagues are smart to think about player safety and things like that.  So I think they’re approaching this in a methodical way.  But Whoop really helps athletes understand their bodies.  And for us we want to empower athletes to understand their bodies.  In-game monitoring is a huge component of that,” said Ahmed.

Along with helping the athletes improve their performance and extend their careers, Ahmed said it also helps raise the level of sports and the fans’ experience as well.

“Whoop is helping athletes change behavior and find peak performance.  And the important thing about that is it allows for longer careers, it allows for less injuries and that also makes the fan experience better, it makes the whole arena of sports better,” Ahmed said.