The Top Cities for Startups


Today’s roundup is all about numbers, as we take a look at’s 10 cities that are best for entrepreneurs, 6 tips for polishing your pitch, increasing sales figures and figuring out the reasoning behind employees’ wages.

What’s your wage system? In the New York Times, one small business owner goes through the logic behind what he pays each of his employees, from those making minimum wage to $30 an hour.

Befriend your buyers: The owners of Modcloth, one of’s fastest growing retailers in 2009, discuss their sales strategy: treating each and every one of their online customers like friends.

Perfect your presentation: has six tips that will make you a more comfortable public speaker before pitching potential investors.

Should you pack your bags? Young Entrepreneur takes a look at the top 10 startup hubs to see which ones are truly best for aspiring entrepreneurs.