The Right Way to Put Interns to Work


Start the week off strong by reading these small business and startup stories from around the web. You’ll learn some tips on the best way to handle equity, how to motivate unpaid interns and more. And also get an update on SXWS from Austin, Texas.

Don’t be so direct: Many new brands are trying to sell directly to the customer – rather than go through boutiques and chains – but are running into some challenges along the way. Find out why.

Understand your options: Check out this interesting piece from Forbes on how to better understand the process of offering equity to your employees when your company is just starting out.

How to motivate interns (without paying them): If you’re looking for unpaid interns to tackle projects over the summer, you may find that they quickly lose motivation. Learn how to get the most from your youngest staffers, even if you can’t offer them compensation.

Moneymaking pays off: If you’re looking for funding, says one longtime VC investor, you need to clearly explain your plan for turning a profit.

Digital doesn’t dominate?: You may think that traditional marketing is dead … but, according to one Forbes contributor, you’d be wrong. Find out which types of traditional marketing may prove successful today for your business.