The Portable, Pocket-Sized Golf Trainer

Harry Briggs says he grew up on golf.  He golfed through high school, and worked at a golf course in Spring Hill, Kansas for eight years.  “Since I could walk, my family handed me a golf club and said try it out,” said Briggs. While working at the course, he says he noticed something was missing- there were no golf balls designed for training purposes. In this Salute to American Success, we’re taking a look at Sight Ball. The company created by Harry Briggs has been making specially designed golf balls for training. The balls feature multiple “sights” that look very similar to crosshairs. He lists his cousin, professional golfer T.J. Vogel, as one of his inspirations for developing the Sight Ball. In 2013, Briggs applied for a patent and in May of 2014 he started to sell the product. “I realized that there wasn’t any type of design or aid on an actual golf ball that can help a golfer with their stance, focus, or accuracy,” said Briggs. “Golfers normally have to take a pole or other large training device with them on the course, which can be kind of a pain.  Carrying the Sight Ball makes it more convenient.” After a year of research, Briggs created the first prototype design for what would become the Sight Ball.  At first, the ball had only one large sight. Briggs then took his creation to a small business development center which, over the course of a few years, helped him create the design which is seen on the ball today. “I found that the six sights on the golf ball do help with a golfer’s stance, club position and focus.  It gives golfers the ability to aim their ball in the direction where they want to hit it.  This includes putting, driving and the golfer’s short game,” said Briggs. Recently, Briggs graduated college and plans to grow the business by “expanding into a few golf courses.”  As of now, Briggs only sells the Sight Ball via the company’s website.  So far, he says he’s sold hundreds of packages since the company released the product in May of 2014.  The 24-year-old’s latest plans include focusing on promoting the product at the Kansas City Golf Show. Briggs’ advice to other entrepreneurs who are looking to start a successful business of their own is quite simple.  “You need to remember that there’s always room for improvement.”