The New Hampshire Union Leader Endorses Chris Christie

Presidential candidate Gov. Chris Christie is getting support from New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, the New Hampshire Union Leader. Historically, the paper is known for boosting candidates’ poll numbers.

Publisher Joe McQuaid explained why they are backing the New Jersey governor’s presidential bid.

“We really focused on the governors because we think we need somebody who has experience in administrating government and not being ruled by it,” McQuaid said during an interview with FOX Business Network’s Trish Regan. “Bush and Kasich, nice enough guys, but they sort of pale in comparison to Gov. Christie, who we found to be very candid, very outspoken.”

Donald Trump, one of Christie’s opponents, continues to lead the GOP field despite ongoing controversial comments.

“Those who are going for Trump really don’t care what Trump says or what the media says about what Trump says,” McQuaid told Regan. “They [the voters] believe Trump is the guy to change the world. I don’t think that’s going to be a majority of people, but it is going to make a difference for Christie.”

When asked if he thinks the paper will receive heat from Trump for endorsing Christie, he said:

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I actually know Donald Trump and I’ve had a lot of talks with him over the past year or so. He did me a favor a year ago coming up to speak to the Nackey Loeb school… we have an interesting relationship.”