The New Employee Checklist: What Your Onboarding Process Needs to Include

It's not enough to hire talented people who fit your company's culture. In order for your hires to thrive and give you their full productivity, you need a strong onboarding process to integrate them into your organization.

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In fact, onboarding may be the most critical piece 0f any hiring process. Consider the following:

- Employees who go through a structured onboarding process are 58 percent more likely to be with an organization after three years.

- New hires are 50 percent more productive at organizations with standard onboarding processes.

- Employees who go through longer, more comprehensive onboarding programs reach full proficiency 34 percent faster than their peers who do not go through such programs.

That's all well and good, but just knowing onboarding is important isn't enough to build a great onboarding process. For that, you'll need to check out this new employee checklist from The Business Backer, which outlines the critical components of a top-tier onboarding process: