The Hottest Men Drive…. Pickup Trucks?

By FOXBusiness

Men looking for a date for Valentine’s Day might want to invest in a Ford pickup truck--in black.

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According to a new survey from that asked men and women to rank the kind of vehicles driven by the most attractive members of the opposite sex, women said drivers of black Ford pickup trucks were their top choice.

Men said they prefer women in sports cars, the survey finds, as they ranked drivers of red BMW sports cars as their top choice.

The cars rounding out the top five women’s choices for the types of cars they tend find attractive drivers behind were: sports cars (27%), SUVs (16%), sedans (11%) and hybrid or electric cars (9%).

The cars rounding out the top men’s choices for the types of cars with the most attractive women behind the wheel were: sedans (22%), SUVs (20%), pickup trucks (10%) and hybrid or electric vehicles (6%).

But genders had the same top relationship deal breaker, according to the survey: cigarette butts in the car’s ashtray. Trash on the seats and playing “bad, loud music” were also two other big turnoffs for both men and women. polled 2,000 licensed drivers ages 18 and up.

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