The Happiest Country in the World Is….

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The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released its Better Life Index, which ranks the world’s most developed economies on jobs, income environment and health.

1. Australia

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For the third year in a row, Australia came in as the happiest country in the world with its weather and laid-back attitude. The index includes data from the United Nations as well as individual governments. Australia’s economy has expanded for 21 years without a recession.

2. Sweden

Sweden, which is known for its residents’ high living standards, takes the second-place spot this year. The OECD says life satisfaction has been ranked most important among its users since it launched in 2011.

3. Canada

Our neighbors to the north came in third place for 2013. The BLI compiles data from more than 2 million visitors to its site, from nearly 200 countries across the globe.

4. Norway

Norway comes in fourth this year. The BLI asks people directly what matters to them from a list of 11 different topics, including life satisfaction, income, housing, health, environment, and of course, jobs.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland comes in at No.5. Other topics the BLI asks about include community, education and safety.

6. United States

The United States made the No. 6 spot this year. Survey respondents rank civic engagement among the lower priorities for users. However, residents in Mexico, Chile and Spain report it being important.

7. Denmark

Denmark comes in at seventh on the 2013 list. The BLE findings show there is little difference among men and women, when identifying what is important in life.

8. The Netherlands

The Netherlands came in eighth. The BLE reports women tend to focus more on community, health and work-life balance.

9. Iceland

The country with pretty terrain made the list at No.9 The survey finds men are more concerned with income in relation to better living standards than women are.

10. United Kingdom

The U.K. rounds out the top 10 for this year. The survey focused on the globe’s 34 most industrialized nations.

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