The Button’s Creperie Story

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Small Business Spotlight: Button’s Creperie

Who: Lauren Sabogal, @Buttonscreperie

What: Crepes and baked goods

When: 2012

Where: Lawrence Township, N.J., and Stockton, N.J.

How: Lauren Sabogal was a pre-law student intending on pursuing a career in environmental law. But her passion for fresh food and crepes, which she discovered on a trip to Europe, led her to start Button’s Creperie. Before moving into two New Jersey farmers markets, Sabogal brought her cooking skills to festivals along the New Jersey shore and did catering for family and friends. The first creperie opened for business at the Trenton Farmers Market in Lawrence Township, and another Button’s Creperie launched this month at the Stockton Farmers Market.

“I get a lot of first-time crepe eaters,” Sabogal said. “It’s also hard for people to find something homemade and made from scratch.”

Quote from the owner: “I try to keep everything local. I prefer farmers markets because I like being able to walk around and get inspiration. And I can just walk down the hall and get the ingredients I need.”