The Better Business Bureau Stays Tight-Lipped About Trump University

The Better Business Bureau has issued a statement over concerns about questions regarding Trump University’s business rating brought to light during the last Fox News debate.

“The Better Business Bureau did not send a document of any kind to the Republican debate site last Thursday evening. The document presented to debate moderators did not come from the Better Business Bureau that night,” the non-profit organization stated.

Trump’s defense against the claims included a tweet with an inaccurate document containing the University’s ’A’ rating.

Meanwhile, the BBB said in 2010 Trump University had ‘D-‘ rating, due to several complaints from people who are now suing Trump University.

That same year, Trump University changed its name changed to the Trump Entrepreneurial Initiative, and due to BBB policy, the complaints against the University were erased after three years.

The FOX Business Network’s Adam Shapiro went to the Better Business Bureau to find out why the complaints are no longer on file, but the BBB had the following to say: “We had agreed that there would be no questions. We have a copy of the written statement here.”