The Best Places to Work in Medical Sales 2017 [Infographic]

Medical sales reps tend to be pretty happy at work, with 70 percent reporting they are either somewhat or very satisfied with their jobs. If you're a salesperson looking for a more fulfilling career, then medical sales might be the field for you.

On the other hand, if you're already in medical sales, it still may be time for a change. Medical sales job board MedReps recently released a list of the best places to work for medical salespeople in 2017. Your next employer could be on the list.

Based on the votes of more than 1200 MedReps users, the top three companies for medical sales reps are Medtronic, Johnson Johnson, and Stryker. MedReps also broke the list down into categories, including the best places to work in pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical devices/equipment. Check out the infographic below for a full round-up of the best places to work in medical sales.

But first – what does it take to be a best place to work for medical sales reps? According to MedReps' users, a solid product line is the most commonly sought attribute. Factors like a focus on innovation and RD, brand recognition, and strong financials also play into the picture.

As for the company values that medical sales reps seek, competitive compensation is No. 1, followed by work/life balance as a distant second.