Thai court sentences 8 people to 5-year jail terms for online videos insulting the monarchy

Associated Press

A Thai military court has sentenced eight people to five-year jail terms for distributing online content insulting the country's monarchy.

Those who were sentenced Tuesday on lese majeste charges were part of what police said was a network headed by 64-year-old Hassadin Uraipraiwan, known online as "DJ Banpodj." Hassadin created video clips and uploaded them to sites such as YouTube, from which members of a Facebook group reposted them. Defense lawyer Yingcheep Atchanonts said the eight had met through the social media site.

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Police described the network as a serious threat to the monarchy and the nation's stability, claiming the group incited "chaos and hatred in society."

Critics of the military government that took power in a coup last year claim lese majeste law is used to intimidate political opposition.