Ten Signs You Might be a Credit Card Geek

1. You know what "optimal credit utilization" means

A credit card geek knows that a FICO score doesn't really measure whether you can take on a huge new mortgage or auto loan. Credit scores just reveal how good you are at managing the accounts you already have. If you can get each of your accounts to report that you're using just 1% of available credit, most credit scoring algorithms will pony up some bonus points.

2. Your calendar's full of financial reminders

Maximizing your credit card savings means running as many purchases as you can through your account, then paying down as much of your balance as possible at the last possible moment before your statement cycle closes. Even though your bank may send you text alerts when a payment's due, keeping track of your own deadlines can prevent a big bill from showing up in your credit profile.

3. You carry credit cards like a caddy carries clubs

After you buy gas at the pump with one card, you pay for a pack of Twinkies with another. Maximizing your rewards by carrying speciality credit cards may annoy your fellow shoppers, but it's a strategy that can put extra money into your wallet every month.

4. You crane your neck to see what kind of card the cashier's swiping

Real credit card geeks can guess a credit card's issuer and status from a few feet away. Even those customized credit cards with your cat's picture on them tell a story. You're big-game hunting at the checkout aisle, always looking for the next big offer in the wild.

5. You decide where to eat based on whether you'll earn points there

When rewards credit cards offer up to 20% rebates on restaurant dining credits, your significant other will put up with your weird obsession. (Just remember to tip on the full price of the meal, or your credibility goes out with the doggie bag.)

6. You understand why that black credit card weighs so much

Even if you don't personally aspire to carry an American Express Centurion Card in your wallet, you've got to respect someone who's figured out how to run a few hundred thousand dollars a year through a single account. You won't cross them, either, since that titanium can really mess you up in a fight.

Bonus: 6a. You also heap pity on the shopper you see carrying another company's "black card," knowing that they paid ten times as much for the same feature set as most popular Visa Signature accounts.

7. Your checking account only shows debits from rewards credit card issuers

After you started paying all your monthly bills with your rewards card, your bank statement became really boring. Utility companies, service providers and even landlords accept credit cards these days, letting you earn extra cash back or rewards points.

8. You plan big purchases around rewards cards promotions

The most popular rewards credit cards offer seasonal bonus rebates of up to 5% that last few a few months at a time. If buying a television, a computer or even a car can wait until you're in the right bonus period, you can bank your card's maximum reward.

9. You get restaurant recommendations from your credit card company

Many credit cards now offer concierge services that can help you land hard-to-get reservations at restaurants and clubs all over the United States and Europe. Whether you're trying to impress a client or just searching for someplace good, you know which card can help.

10. Your social media stream is full of other credit card geeks

Geeks thrive in communities, and the Internet brings us all together. Whether you're streaming Clark Howard's radio show or following @CurtisArnold on Twitter, you've probably already put together a list of people and resources to help you find great deals. We hope you'll add our site to your rotation.

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