Telecoms Up Amid Deal Intrigue - Telecoms Roundup

Shares of telecommunications companies rose amid deal intrigue. Even as rumors persist that Sprint and T-Mobile US are considering a merger, Sprint recently revealed it is holding exclusive talks about a deal with cable companies Comcast and Charter.

Meanwhile, Verizon has considered a bid for entertainment conglomerate Walt Disney Co., The New York Post reported. Wells Fargo media analyst Marci Ryvicker was skeptical about the Post's report, however. "When we saw this latest 'news' of Verizon looking to buy Disney, we laughed. Out loud," she wrote, as reported earlier. "In fact, we're still laughing. What would a wireless juggernaut want with a theme park, a YUGE consumer products line and the various movie studios?"

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July 03, 2017 16:40 ET (20:40 GMT)