Technology: No need to check your phone's charging status

Ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the FCC approved the first wireless charging system. Energous’ WattUp transmitter will be able to charge multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart watches and even hearing aids up to three feet away.

Energous CEO Stephen Rizzone told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria,” “The [FCC] certification really opens up a path for meaningful power, enough power to charge smartphones and tablets.”

Rizzone explained how the wireless-charging technology works.

“The technology is an RF-based technology.  It sends radio waves and it directs radio waves at a specific receiver or group of receivers and these radio waves are then harvested and converted into DC power and sent into the device.”

According to Rizzone, with this technology consumers will no longer have to actively monitor the charging status of their devices.

“I mean, everything today is all about batteries, everything from mobile devices to IoT [Internet of Things] devices and now there is a way to continuously charge these devices, to fundamentally change a paradigm.”

Energous has partnered with Myant to be the wireless-technology provider for Myant’s SKIIN line of smart apparel.

“Our first major release is with a very interesting company out of Canada called Myant and Myant has developed technology that incorporates censors into fabric and so the opportunities here for fitness and for the medical field are immense and our charging capability is going to be powering these.”