Taylor Dayne: It’s Rough to Be a Musician in 2015

80’s pop star Taylor Dayne is back after 25 years with a brand new single; and she offered FOX Business’s Network’s Stuart Varney some veteran insight into the business of music in 2015.

“Now I own my own music… When I first signed in 1987 we did not, we only got what was called royalties… We pay mechanicals, writer shares… It’s a rough business to be a musician,” she said.

Dayne said digital streaming and free music today has changed the landscape, and the majority of her money is made on tour.

“Now the competition is highly different… also the visibility… Albums generally were what generated more income… But now it’s a singles game because people make up their own playlists… So you’re not seeing the sales as they used to be... It’s very difficult to make money through actual song release,” she said.