Take Control of Your Future

Are you an American investor who is tired of the uncertainties and corruption on Wall Street? Wouldn’t it be more logical to protect yourself from all of the downsides of the market and to secure your retirement? NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FUTURE! Are you confident that you will have predictable, guaranteed income for life?

Since the financial catastrophe of the United States stock market in 2007, Americans are still in the process of recovery. Americans born between the years of 1946 and 1964 are beginning to retire. These baby boomers are aging and selling their investments to finance retirement, which, according to researchers from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, means they may hold down U.S. stock values for the next two decades.

THE SOLUTION Fixed Indexed Annuities

With Fixed Indexed Annuities, your principle and your gains year to year are locked and protected from any type of risk. These annuities give you the opportunity to capture a percentage of the gains during the upside of the market, while at the same time you are protected from any losses during the downside of the market. It is a win-win situation.

Some companies who offer Fixed Indexed Annuities extend to clients a 10% sign-up bonus upon contribution. Clients also have the option to choose the Guaranteed Income Rider. This rider guarantees your income account to grow at 7.5% compounded annually until you decide to start receiving a monthly or annual income. The biggest advantage of this type of rider is that once you start receiving your income, it is guaranteed for life…even if you live to 120 years old! Now that’s what you call security!

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