T-Mobile's New 600MHz Band 71: What You Need to Know


The LG V30 is coming to T-Mobile on Oct. 13, and it will be the first phone that runs on the carrier's new 600MHz network, also known as LTE Band 71.

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T-Mobile bought a nationwide swath of this spectrum earlier this year for $8 billion, and has already begun building it out. The idea is to fill in the final gaps in T-Mobile's rural coverage.

Where did Band 71 come from?

Remember UHF TV? This was channels 38-51.

What phones use Band 71?

At the moment, the LG V30 is the only phone supporting Band 71; T-Mobile promises a Samsung phone by the end of the year. The Pixel 2 won't have it, nor will the iPhone X. We'll see more phones with it next year, and it'll be on all new T-Mobile phones by the end of next year, except maybe the iPhone. Apple follows its own rules.

This article originally appeared on PCMag.com.