Surveillance Expert Makes a High-Tech Phone Case

Small Business Spotlight: MirrorCase

Who: John Palmeri

What: A case that lets smartphone users take pictures and video more easily

When: 2010

Where: New York

How: Founder John Palmeri had been working on video surveillance for 15 years when he says he got the idea for a case that would allow smartphone users to better snap photos or videos using the reflective power of mirrors. So, he set out to develop the case himself, using funding from his other company.

“We have three versions for different iPhones and iPads, selling for $49.95, and $79.95,” says Palmeri. While sales haven’t been as strong as Palmeri would have liked, he says he has listened to customer feedback and has developed a newer, sleeker design that is more user-friendly.

Biggest challenge: Palmeri says the biggest hurdle was finding reliable plastic designers he could trust to manufacture a high-quality product.

One moment in time: “I’m proudest of the employees that I have around me,” says Palmeri. “I’ve got the best group of people here.”

Best business advice: On the same note, Palmeri says one of his best pieces of advice is to hire quality employees for your business. Second, he says research and knowledge always pays off.

Most influential book: Palmeri recommends Robert Kioysaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” as well as magazines like Entrepreneur and Inc.