Super Bowl LII tickets set to be the most expensive ever

Whether you’re interested in seeing Patriots’ Tom Brady win his sixth Super Bowl ring—or the Philadelphia Eagles snag their first title, Super Bowl LII ticket prices are set to be the costliest ever, according to StubHub.

“It looks that way so far. Prices are significantly more expensive than last year’s but we’re still pretty far out,” Cameron Papp, StubHub communications manager told FOX Business.

According the latest report from StubHub, the average ticket price for a Super Bowl LII ticket is $6,598 compared to Super Bowl LI’s average price of $4,068, which was the Patriots facing off with the Atlanta Falcons.

However, get-in prices for the game have dropped since Monday, after the Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings’ 7-38 in the NFC Championship game. As of Tuesday, the get-in price for upper end tickets is $3,450 a significant drop from the $4,944 price tag on Monday.

StubHub said before the NFC championship game, Minnesotans made up 26% of ticket sales but since Sunday’s loss, that share has dropped to 18%, with ticket sales from Pennsylvania climbing 567% since Friday.

Papp added that those price dips are typical due to more inventory coming after the final two teams are set and he still believes that this Super Bowl is in route to be the most expensive one ever.

“Markets in Philly and Boston are historically strong. It has been over 10 years since the Eagles have been in a Super Bowl and they have never won a title. Also, you still have Tom Brady for the Patriots so people are still interested in seeing him play,” Papp added.

Super Bowl LII is set for February 4th at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Fast Facts on Super Bowl LII tickets, according to StubHub.

• Average Ticket Price Sold: $6,598 • Get In Price: $3,450 for Upper End • Tickets Available: 2.5k on StubHub • Least Expensive Ticket Sold: $3,000 for Upper Corner (+100% for final low last year, which was $1,500) • Most Expensive Ticket Sold: $20,000 for Delta Sky Club • Super Bowl LII Geo Data (Where sales are coming from): o 15% MN o 10% PA o 10% CA o 9% MA