Summer of Hell: Wells Fargo Victim Left In Limbo

Linda Edwards says she and her daughter Kate were victims of Wells Fargo’s (NYSE:WFC) allegedly illegal sales practices. She told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, she’s still not sure whether her daughter’s credit has been cleared.

“They told us that they were auto-generated and a computer glitch. We asked to see copies of the applications and they were not able to produce any. So, this was the summer that my daughter was entering college and in an effort just to clear up all the issues, we paid the credit card charges and we closed all of the accounts,” she said.

Edwards said after they left the branch, they received harassing phone calls from bill collectors over her daughter Kate’s credit card.

“Kate never owned a credit card so we were very confused…It went on all summer,” she said.

“If I said they made your life a hell throughout the summer am I exaggerating?” asked FBN’s Varney.

“For the summer and longer than that, I wish I had the thousands of hours back that we dedicated to clearing her credit,” she said.

Edwards says Wells Fargo has not responded to a letter requesting that the negative credit information be removed from her daughter’s credit report.