Summer camp turning kids into financial geniuses

Summer camps aren’t just for swimming, arts and crafts and creating friends anymore. Now some are offering courses in financial literacy.

From activities ranging from classroom instructions, seminars and field trips, young campers across the U.S. are learning what personal finance is all about.

According to financial expert Chris Hogan, summer camps are a good way to turn kids into financial geniuses.

“As we look at helping young people to grow … there’s a way to do it in a fun way,” he told FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell on “Mornings with Maria” on Tuesday. “If you think about it, we learn to spell playing Scrabble at a young age. We learn strategy playing games. Why not help young people understand the strategy of money?”

The camps are also filling a void for the lack of personal finance education in schools, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“Money isn’t an elective in life, it’s a necessary skill,” Hogan said. “So if we can teach young people early how to handle money they can be more successful in life financially.”