Streaming Video at a Discount Plus Carpools for Cash

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Go online via TV -- for cheap. Music lovers can now comfortably listen to tunes while sleeping. Skype comes to a famous tablet. Get paid to give others a ride to work. And Apples iCloud is one step closer to launch

Smart Couch Potato

The good people at Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI) decided to go budget friendly for those who like to surf the web via TV. Their Smart TV, the Logitech Revue, is powered by Google TV, and will now cost just $99--a drastic decrease from its original selling price of $249.

Users can plug into their Google TV browser and watch hours of streaming video, from films and shows via Netflix, along with special streaming live feeds, plus endless sounds from Pandora. The Revue also takes the average remote control a step further: it is accompanied by a full keyboard to allow for easy web browsing.

Bargain hunters who like to shop around may also want to check out the Roku 2 for $59.99, which gives users access to HuluPLUS in addition to other great channels. Theres also Apple TV, which for $99 lets users stream movies, TV shows, photo albums, and music, plus media rentals and apps from an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Sleep Soundtrack

There's a new gadget sure to please both those who enjoy falling asleep to music and their roommates whod rather have a little peace and quiet: Bedphones. Theyre less than � inch thick and has a bendable ear hook made with memory wire that allows for a custom fit for any wearer. Get yours here for $29.99.

iPad or iPad/Phone?

The technology that redefined face-to-face communication is now available on an iPad near you. Skype for iPad lets iPad users call, video conference, or instant message any other Skype user via WiFi or 3G. The best part: Your fellow Skype-r doesnt need to have an iPad to chat with you, they can use their iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, or even a TV that has Skype.

Users can also pay as they go with Skype Credit, allowing them to call mobile phones and landlines for just a handful of pennies via iPad. Skype will work with both versions of the iPad, and requires iOS 4.0 and above. 

Get Paid to Carpool

Washington state residents who like to help the environment and save gas money already know about Zebigo, a new carpooling app that lets people hitch a ride and reimburse the driver through an electronic payment system.

Zebigo, which is supposed to go nationwide next year, lets riders create profiles through its website and search for drivers according to route. Zebigo also has background-check feature provided by Lexis-Nexis, which allows for a safe ride. The average rider will pay less than $5 for a 10-mile trip. Read more at

iCloud Beta Begins

Speaking of Apple, remember when the company announced its new media streaming capabilities via iCloud? Well, they just unveiled iCloud and iWork betas. Apples iCloud stores content, from documents to music to books to photos to videos, and streams it wirelessly to a users iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Free for iOS 5 users, iCloud activation brings 5GB of free storage. Of course, its only in beta and available to a select few. (The website says coming this fall.) But be the first to know when it will be available for the rest of us by clicking here.

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