'Storage Wars' Star Says He's Staying with A&E

Reports are circling that Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets is ready to leave A&E’s hit show “Storage Wars” if the channel doesn’t pay up, but now those rumors can be put to rest.

In an exclusive interview with FOX Business’s Maria Bartiromo on "Opening Bell" Thursday, Sheets said he's not going anyhere.

“I’m staying everything is good," he said. "I'm ready to get out there and kick some butt.”

Word of his departure began spreading late last week when Sheets reportedly threatened to leave the show after six seasons because of a salary cut. According to gossip site TMZ, the network wanted to cut Sheets' salary in half from $30,000 per episode to $15,000. Those reports have not been confirmed.

What can be confirmed is “The Gambler” will continue, in his words, betting big and coming out on top.

A&E did not return a request for comment.