Stock Up on Supplies and Open a Painting Business

If you have a knack for painting homes and can stomach the smell of paint fumes, you can easily put those skills to good use. Here are five steps to get you started with your own painting business:

Create a business planMaintain your focus. Estimate how much it will cost to start your painting business and figure out how you are going to secure the funding for it. Will your business be a part-time or full-time gig? Research the competition and develop a strategy for setting yourself apart from your rivals. Determine how many competitors are in your area, what services they offer and to whom. From there, figure out to whom you want your business to appeal.  Establish a budget for supplies and advertising. Decide if you want to specialize in interior or exterior house painting. Some areas have a need for painters who focus on painting historic homes. Think of a name for your business that aligns with your image and goals.

Register your businessMake your painting business legal by registering it with the Internal Revenue Service. Also consult your town government to see what kind of registration is required. Make sure that you have the proper licensing and consider liability insurance.

Stock up on suppliesYou need brushes before you can paint your first house. Supplies will vary depending on the job at hand, but there are some painting staples. To start, you are going to need a few ladders that are different heights. You will need a variety of rollers and brushes as well as clothes and paint trays. You also need a pick-up truck or other vehicle to transport your supplies. Shop around for the best deals, which you may find by buying in bulk. Once you have a vendor you like, you might be able to set up a deal with them.

Spread the wordNow that your business is up and running, it is time to build your customer base. Create a marketing strategy with the budget and resources that are available to you. Posting fliers and building a basic website are good ways to start. With permission, you can make signs to place in your customer’s yard while you are painting the exterior of their home. If you can, have the name and contact information of your painting business on the side of your supply truck.

Have pictures to show prospective customersBuild a portfolio with pictures of your previous jobs. This way, you have clear examples of your work to show customers who are on the fence about using your services. It is also a good way to show off work you are particularly proud of.