Sticky Fingers: What People Steal From Hotels

By FOXBusiness

When staying in a nice hotel, it’s not uncommon to admire the establishment’s décor and style, but some travelers take their admiration a step further and swipe the items.

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A survey from April finds 35% of global travelers admit they have taken valuable hotel amenities including towels, robes, bedding and even lamps.

The survey included more than 8,600 travelers from 28 countries and cities and found that Danish travelers are least likely to swipe hotel property, with 88% saying they have never stolen. When they do steal, Danish travelers are most likely to swipe magazines and books.

Forty-three percent of Colombian travelers say they have never taken items from a hotel, but when they did steal, magazines and books were their targets.

Both Chinese and American travelers tied with 66% reporting they have never stolen items from a hotel. But when Americans do steal, they make off with linens and towels. Chinese travelers opt for lamps, clocks and artwork.

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