Steve Harvey: Trump is the Most Exciting Candidate in Years

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Steve Harvey on Trump’s “freshness”

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Steve Harvey on Trump’s “freshness”

Comedian Steve Harvey talks to’s Jade Scipioni about politics and Donald Trump.

Talk show host and comedian Steve Harvey has officially endorsed Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton but says her rival Donald Trump has his undivided attention.

“He’s the most exciting candidate that I’ve seen in years. He makes me want to watch the debates because he’s an interesting guy. I think the freshness of him is that he says whatever is on his mind. And that’s very ‘un-pc.’ I like that about the guy,” Harvey tells

On Super Tuesday, Harvey officially announced #ImWithHer on his radio show, saying Clinton is the best candidate to build on President Barack Obama’s legacy.

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“She has fought for social justice, equality and policies that expand civil rights and economic opportunity out there,” he recently said on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show.”

Harvey, who has been in the public eye for over 30 years, says he’s not thinking about his own pocket when he votes but the pocket of his fans.

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