Stephen Baldwin on George Lopez Trump slam: He’s just another angry liberal part of Hollywood

Actor Stephen Baldwin says Hollywood’s hostility towards President Trump is here to stay.

“The Hollywood folks, and this opposition—it’s not going to stop. Haters are going to hate,” he said during an appearance on FOX Business.

Actor and comedian George Lopez is the latest celeb to express his disapproval of President Trump’s policies. On Friday, he slammed Trump over immigration on social media saying, “If you want to make immigration safer, deport the police.” Baldwin believes lack of knowledge is pinning Hollywood against Trump.

“He’s just another angry liberal guy, part of the Hollywood family that wants what he wants. What’s unfortunate… Lopez is another guy that, like the Hollywood community as a whole, he thinks he understands what’s better for the people… than the people themselves.”

When asked whether Lopez was looking for publicity, Baldwin responded, “It’s not surprising. It’s right in line with a whole bunch of other Hollywood folks that are going to do everything they can to fight this president tooth and nail and they are going to lose.”

Meanwhile, President Trump tweeted Tuesday morning about hosting the Olympics in Los Angeles.

In Baldwin’s opinion, it’s a “brilliant idea.”

“This is the thought I had. I think I want President Trump to adopt me,” Baldwin joked. “President Trump is kind of like a daddy in a little way. Hey all you Americans out there, you guys want an Olympics at home here? Imagine being his grandchild… what is he giving them?”