Stephen Baldwin: Hollywood Should be Careful How Far it Goes in Resisting Trump

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Stephen Baldwin: Give President Trump a fair chance to succeed

Actor Stephen Baldwin on President Trump's performance since being elected and Trump talk at the Oscars.

Actor Stephen Baldwin says Hollywood should give President Trump a fair chance or it could backfire.

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“The further Hollywood digs its heels in, the further it alienates itself from art meeting commerce and the business of Hollywood,” Baldwin told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Some stars used the 89th annual Academy Awards ceremony stage to take on President Trump, but Baldwin, an early supporter of Trump, warned the backlash could be seen at the box office.

“I’d like to put a little foreshadowing out there,” he said. “Hollywood should be careful how far it goes in resisting President Trump because those people out there buy those tickets to those movies.”

President Trump deserves to be treated fairly, he added.

“It doesn’t mean don’t stand up for what you believe in but at the same time I think it gets right back to a message that a lot of Hollywood conservatives are trying to put out there to our constituency, which is it’s only right to give President Trump a fair chance to succeed,” he said.

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