Stephen Baldwin: Alec's Funny but the Election Stakes Are Too High

The Baldwin brothers are going to war over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Actor Stephen Baldwin joined the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo to discuss why he’s at odds with his brothers over the presidential election.

“Maria, I was going to ask you to like slap me around on your show today because I’m in a little bit of a Twitter war with my brother, but it’s not serious, we are having fun, we are having our opinions…I’m for Trump [and] Alec and Billy [are] for Mrs. Clinton – that’s great,” he said.

But Stephen says he’s “seeing sizeable push back.”

“When my brother Billy jokes around and said my dad, if he were alive he’d slap you upside the head for supporting Trump…Boy those Democrats are so violent,” joked Baldwin.

He also discussed how his brother took him on while impersonating Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

“I had a sense that something like that was coming but that all gets back to something I said at the third debate, somebody said to me, ‘you like your brother’s Trump impersonation?’ The truth is, I love the impersonation, it’s funny…What I said in that response to that question was, ‘what I don’t think is funny is how they are mocking this whole reality of this election. I don’t think this election is very funny. I think the stakes are way too high.’"

SNL Trump, Clinton Skit

When it comes to what’s most important to him during this election, he said, “What’s going to drive life and the quality of life in this country to a better place quickly is the economy. So many people are suffering.”

And he thinks that Trump is the guy to get the U.S. economy on the right track. However, when it comes to discussing his views with his brothers, Baldwin said, “I don’t try to beat a dead horse here. If Alec and Billy don’t see the corruption or if they are willing to look the other way like so many other people, that’s on them.”