Startup Introduces Fitness Program for the Mind

Small Business Spotlight: bLife, @bLifeWho: Paul Campbell, CEOWhat: A mobile app providing a mental fitness programWhen:  2010Where: Los Angeles, CAHow: Three years ago, bLife co-founder and CEO Paul Campbell says he had a realization that there needed to be a way to bring technology to the mental health and wellness industry. “At that point, we saw early stages of a lot of wearable computing to track physiology, but we didn’t see anybody looking at the mind … That’s what brought us on the path,” says Campbell. For the past two years, Campbell says bLife has been operating in “stealth mode,” and powering apps for mental wellness gurus like Deepak Chopra. The bLife iPhone app will debut in early 2014.Biggest challenge: “The biggest challenge in the space is building tools that engage users. Everything we do has a scientific base … But the translation of that science into tools that help people change their behavior is very hard,” says Campbell.One moment in time: “We’re a mission-driven startup. Everyone has a sense that they can really help people be more aligned with themselves and connect with what’s important,” says Campbell.Best business advice: “Iterate and listen to the customer,” says Campbell.