‘Star Wars’ Super Nerd Waits in Line All Night… For Toys

Toys may be for kids, but when it comes to one “Star Wars” fan, age is nothing but a number. During an interview with FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, 42-year old “Star Wars” super-nerd Mike Avila discussed why he waited in line all night to buy “The Force Awakens” toys.

“What does age have to do with something you love? It’s ‘Star Wars.’ It’s what guys of my age, my generation grew up on loving. It’s the franchise that made us passionate about pop culture, about movies, and collecting things -- and waiting in line is kind of part of the ‘Star Wars’ tradition anyway. So you go there, you meet new friends, you wait in line, you spend money you probably shouldn’t spend --and you have some fun with it. What’s wrong with that?” he said.

Avila said he was lucky to score a few of the items purchased which included a $79 BB-8 droid and action figures.

“By the time I was in -- I was 25th in line. The shelves had been plundered by the other fans who were getting 10 toys at a time.”