Star Jones: Hillary Clinton is a Progressive

With the economy one of the top issues on voters’ minds this election season, a battle over who has the best economic policy is underway between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Some Republicans argue Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, has the edge over Clinton, the presumed Democratic candidate, due to his business background and concerns that the former Secretary of State could be running on Obama’s economic legacy.

Star Jones, a lawyer, media personality and Clinton supporter, joined the FOX Business Network to discuss why she believes the Democratic candidate is best-suited to be the next president.

"Hillary has been working for families and women for four decades,” Jones told Trish Regan. “I have known her personally for 20 years and just because you all as a punditry like to call her liberal doesn’t make her liberal. She is absolutely a progressive.”

She described her definition of a progressive as “a person that puts women, family, children first, [and] makes sure that she has the economic strength and foundation to shore up our country.”

Jones, known most-widely for her role as a co-host on daily talk show “The View,” commented on the current state of the economy, saying there have been improvements since President Obama was sworn in.

“Look at where we were in 2009. If you had told us that we’d be where we are now—seven and a half years later—no one would’ve believed it. From the auto industry, banks and the home industry… I’m not sure what else [Obama] was supposed to do in seven and a half years,” Jones said.

In addition to economic concerns, Jones noted there are other pressing issues in America—ones that will be of importance to voters this election season.

“We need to focus on national security. We need to focus on universal pre-K for all of our children. We need to focus on making sure that our kids can go to college without a mountain of debt. Making sure we shore up health care is one of my number-one issues," she said.