Staffing firm aims to close skills gap with free training

Staffing firm takes on skills gap

EmployBridge staffing division President Joanie Courtney discusses what her company is doing to close the skills gap.

Staffing firm EmployBridge is taking on the skills gap by launching a free program for customers and temporary workers.

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EmployBridge staffing division President Joanie Courtney told FOX Business’s Maria Bartiromo that her firm is one of the largest staffing providers in the U.S. and places about 90,000 people week.

“They are working in these jobs. We see our customers are saying, ‘we are looking for the skilled talent,’ and they are having a hard time with finding the skilled talent,” she said.

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That’s why her firm has created the Better WorkLife Academy for temporary workers to take online classes to improve their bookkeeping, mathematics and technical skills.

“It’s at no cost to our customers and it’s more importantly no cost to our talent.”

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