Spring Guide to Fuel-Efficient Cars


Gas prices have risen to around $4 per gallon as the summer driving season approaches.

Strong global demand, heightened tensions with Iran and a smattering of supply disruptions have kept crude oil prices elevated for months, according to The Associated Press.

With that as a backdrop, fuel economy is on everyone's mind. In response, Bankrate is devoting a series of stories to saving money on gas in its "Spring Guide to Fuel-Efficient Cars."

Among the stories are:

5 fuel-efficient cars to replace your sport utility vehicle. It's a common misconception that you need to drive a gas-guzzling sport utility vehicle to get more space for rear-seat passengers or cargo. We offer five vehicle options that suit different needs, but they all have good fuel economy. Our choices provide substantial cargo and seating space -- some options have seating for up to seven occupants.

6 hybrid supercars on the cutting edge. These cars aren't ready for prime time, but they blend fuel economy with luxury like no others. The sticker prices will put these specially made cars out of the reach of many Americans. And while some aren't yet on the market, their technology and design may affect how cars are made in the future.

The pros and cons of diesel cars. Diesels have changed since the days of smoky, noisy engines. More importantly for this series, a typical diesel engine gets around 30% better fuel economy than its gas counterpart. That's a big advantage, but we'll offer a few more reasons diesel cars are an attractive option.

7 fuel-saving cars for city driving. Fuel economy is only one consideration for urban drivers. Others include squeezing into tight parking spaces and negotiating crowded streets. Even so, we placed a rigorous standard of getting at least 25 miles per gallon for city driving and 35 mpg for highway driving for a car to make our list.

Where all that gas money of yours is going. With consumers shelling out $4 per gallon for gas, we break down the cost of gas as well as taxes charged on gasoline at the pump in each state. You can see those taxes state by state on an interactive map that's easy to read.

9 fuel-efficient cars that run on gas only. All this talk about hybrids made us wonder if gas-powered cars can compete at all on fuel economy. We found a smattering of models that get 40 mpg or better and range in price from $12,445 to $19,455, making them easy on your car-buying budget.