SpotHero’s Founder Wants to Take Hassle out of Big City Parking

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Easing the parking pain for drivers

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Easing the parking pain for drivers’s Kate Rogers with Jeremy Smith, SpotHero co-founder, on the company’s latest round of funding and expansion plans for the future.

After racking up more than $5,000 in parking tickets in his hometown of Chicago, Jeremy Smith knew there had to be a better way to park.

The co-founder and COO of SpotHero channeled his frustration and debt into a mobile app that helps users find available parking deals in garages within their area. SpotHero, co-founded by Smith and Mark Lawrence, CEO, is now in seven cities including New York, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Chicago, where it all began.  Smith says it can save users between 20% and 30% off standard parking rates, thanks to the company’s partnerships.

“We all know parking is a huge pain,” Smith, 27, says. “You come into the city, you’re circling around and stuck in traffic. You’re probably running late for an important meeting and then you go into a garage and realize it’s going to cost $50 to park there, and leave feeling really frustrated.”

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The app is available on Android and iOS, and users need only put in credit card information to start reserving spots for blocks of time. They can even view what their spot will look like, and pay in a few clicks.

“You can take control of the situation, and have a good experience when you drive into the city,” Smith says of using the app. “It’s very much like Uber in that you don’t pay anyone cash.”

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