Spice Up Your Out-of-Office Message With a Spotify Playlist

Out-of-office messages are the pits. They're annoying to receive and often pretty boring. So and so will be gone for such and such dates, please contact so and so number two with any urgent queries, blah blah blah.

Spotify is looking to mix things up a bit by helping people create—you guessed it—OOO playlists. A new Web-based tool from the streaming service will even help you craft a slightly more interesting, automated reply.

To get started, check out Spotify's appropriately named spotify.ooo. You'll have to enter whatever destination it is you're going to when you're out of the office—and, no, you can't just say "home to play Pokemon GO." (Let's hope you are traveling somewhere more interesting.)

You'll also have to enter your work email, which is mildly annoying, and select whether you're traveling for business, pleasure, or a mix of both. Spotify will ask you to rate where your current musical interests sit on a scale between relaxing music, adventurous music, and party music.

You'll need to link Spotify's out of office website to your existing Spotify account to receive your playlist. Once created, you can listen to the playlist directly via the out of office site, or you can elect to pull it up within Spotify itself.

If you need Spotify's help to compose a witty new out of office message (that prominently features your playlist), input the dates you'll be gone, and the email addresses for anyone who might be covering your work in your absence. Spotify creates a fairly generic message with a big plug for your playlist at the bottom of it, which is just a little bit better than a generic OOO auto-reply without a playlist.

This article originally appeared on PCMag.com.