Spice It Up with a Side Hustle

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By: Alayna Pehrson

Would you like a little extra cash in your wallet every month? Do you have a fun, creative hobby you enjoy after your nine to five day job? Are you in need of an exciting, but flexible change in your life? If so, then you might want to look into starting a side hustle.

So, what exactly is a side hustle?

By loose definition, a side hustle is something other than your main occupation that provides extra cash. Some people may consider this a part-time job; however, a true side hustle provides more flexibility and more fulfillment than just an average part-time side job. In a fairly recent Inc. article, Chris Guillebeau, author of the book Side Hustle, defines a true side hustle as “an asset that works for you.”

Still confused about what a side hustle is?

A side hustle can be anything you’re interested in that makes money. For example, those who are passionate about photography can start making money on the side by taking engagement/wedding photos, baby photos, and more. You can schedule your photo shoots around your personal schedule for flexibility, earn some money, and advance your photography skills and passion. Maybe photography isn’t your passion. You can do anything from becoming a tutor to starting your own travel blog. Basically, adopting a side hustle should allow you to explore your passions while getting paid.

Now that you know what a side hustle is, here are some reasons why you should have one:

Extra money

Having extra money can help you get out of debt, pay for living expenses, give you some spending money, make investments, and more. Many people are unsatisfied with their current full-time incomes, so a side hustle is often an attractive idea. Although a side hustle shouldn’t be your main income, it can definitely help you recover from past financial mistakes and create a more stable financial future. Some people may choose to put that money in savings, spend it, or even invest in credit repair services to help them have a healthier credit future.

More opportunities

A side hustle can provide more than just extra money. For instance, it can help you gain a wider professional network which could eventually lead to a career advancement, or it could help you make your passion a full-time job. A side hustle can also help you make lasting personal relationships, give you the opportunity to make a difference in the world, and much more. It can give you the opportunity to learn something new/gain new skills, enhance your current skill set, and even change your perspective on life for the better.

A sense of fulfillment

Maybe your full-time job isn’t giving you the sense of fulfillment. Days may fly by and you may not feel like you accomplished anything important in your life. Starting a side hustle could fix your problem. A side hustle could help you further embrace your passion and give you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment you’ve been secretly searching for.


Many people dream of becoming their own boss. Unfortunately, this dream often doesn’t come true because of current full-time employment restrictions. A side hustle can give you the enjoyment of being your own boss without having to fight your way to the top. You may be under someone else’s management during the day, but outside of that, you can experience the freedom of self-management. You can make your own hours, get things done at your own pace, and incorporate any original ideas you want to. Self-management can be a reality.

Personal development

Personal development is something you should always be focusing on and striving for. You deserve to do something that makes you happy, brings you a sense of fulfillment, gives you a chance to be your own boss, and helps you become more financially secure. Focusing on your personal development can help you maintain a good level of motivation and joy in life. The more you progress, the better. Change is what makes life an interesting and challenging journey. If you are stuck living life without progression or any focus on personal development, you might want to look into getting a side hustle to fix that.

Although there are many great benefits you can reap from a side hustle, having one might not be the best thing for you. Maybe you enjoy your full-time job and aren’t looking for anything extra. Not everyone needs a side hustle to live their best lives. However, if you do have a certain skill or hobby you are passionate about, then consider turning it into a side hustle.