Sony to Launch PlayStation 4 in 2012: Report

Sonys manufacturing partners will begin building the consumer electronics giants next-generation video game console toward the end of this year, with a launch scheduled for 2012, DigiTimes reports.

Details surrounding Sonys PlayStation 4 are very limited for the time being, but the report states that the new console will feature integrated movement-based controls similar to the Microsoft Kinect controller.

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Foxconn and Pegatron, the two manufacturing firms charged with assembling Sonys PlayStation 3, will build the new console according to DigiTimes sources. 2012 shipment volume for the PS4 is said to be at least 20 million units.

Sonys PlayStation 4 was not expected to launch until 2013 or 2014, but with Nintendos Wii U launching next year and Microsofts next-generation Xbox due to be unveiled in 2012 as well, it is possible that Sony accelerated the new consoles development in order to remain competitive.

Sonys current PlayStation 3 console has sold more than 51 million units globally since its launch in November 2006.

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