Some examples of TV price hikes in the new year

Cable and satellite TV companies raise prices every year to pass along what they say are rising fees charged by TV networks.

Here are some examples of what companies are doing:

— AT&T is raising DirecTV's prices by up to $8 a month in mid-January.

— CHARTER did not respond to inquiries, but a local news story from Kentucky shows a $10 increase for several packages and a $5 price cut for one tier, along with higher prices for sports channels and equipment.

— COMCAST says customer bills will rise 2.2 percent, on average, in 2018. For many customers on bundles with TV, internet and home phone service, prices could rise as much as $8.75 in January.

— COX is raising fees on cable service by up to $9.65; internet service prices could rise by up to $4.

— DISH is raising the price of most its bundles by $5 in mid-January.

— VERIZON says its plans are still being finalized.